CDIM offers specialized environmental and civil engineering services to support construction, development, industrial and municipal clients.  Because every project differs greatly and can contain a variety of engineering and environmental challenges, we scale and adapt our services and designs to assure solid and efficient results. Our skilled project managers oversee all aspects of the design and construction process, coordinating all service needs either through our in-house professionals or quality, reliable subcontractors.

CDIM provides the following environmental engineering services: 

  • Industrial and storm water recycling and treatment system planning, design and permitting including process design, civil/mechanical design and integration with controls, electrical and structural designed by trusted subconsultants.
  • HAZOP / Process Hazard Analysis for chemical processes involving extremely hazardous materials
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic calculations to support gravity and pumped storm water and wastewater collection and conveyance systems
  • Low impact design for site development including design of infiltration basins, bioretention facilities, vegetated swales and permeable pavements
  • Streambank and channel construction, maintenance and restoration including habit and geomorphological studies, design of biotechnical and hardscape erosion controls, and permit compliance for local urban creek ordinances
  • Grading and drainage plans for site development including residential, commercial and mixed use projects
  • Construction plans and specifications for construction, development, industrial and municipal projects
  • Engineering support during construction including RFIs, submittal review, field engineering and evaluation contract change order, and as-built documentation