Dear Friends, Family, Colleagues and Clients (Once and Future),

I hope this email finds you all with spirit buoyed by a summer of family, friends and vacations.  I write now to provide a long overdue update on recent goings-on at CDIM Engineering: our first year's operation, recent hires, and new business credentials.


We made it through our first year of business, and thrived! Over the first year, we solidified many of our business processes (project accounting, technology systems, employee benefit plans, safety program, risk management). We were fortunate enough to provide environmental engineering services to clients from a wide range of California’s economy, including: ports, light and heavy industry, property developers, law firms, municipalities, a railroad, one university and a national laboratory. Our work focused on civil engineering, soil / groundwater / sediment remediation, regulatory compliance, and storm water management. We are grateful for the growth opportunities our clients have afforded us, and hope for another year of good work and modest growth.

2016-09-30 09.07.16-cropped2.jpg


I am pleased to announce that Lishan Zhu has joined CDIM as a staff engineer.  Lishan recently graduated from Cornell and has spent the past year as a graduate intern with the Santa Clara Valley Water District.  She will support me and my partner Mary Cunningham in all of our projects. We are also joined by Anne Ritcey, who will provide part-time GIS and data processing support.  Anne is an experienced data scientist who spent ten years supporting Lawrence Livermore National Labs environmental restoration program.  We also continue to expand our network of partner professionals, field staff, and specialty contractors to seamlessly support client projects.



CDIM obtained a Class A General Engineering Contractors License with Hazardous Substance Removal Certificate from California Contractors State Licensing Board (# 1020239 A HAZ). The contractor’s license allows us to provide specialized construction services for trusted clients and commensurate with our engineering skill set (remediation, water treatment).

We also became certified as a Local Business Enterprise (LBE) through the City of San Francisco Contract Monitoring Division (#CMD082017244—enter "CDIM" in search bar). With our LBE certification, we hope to again provide environmental engineering services to various San Francisco agencies. CDIM is certified for the civil engineering, hazardous waste and remediation and environmental advisory categories.

We are very fortunate to have started CDIM at a time of economic growth, and we remain grateful to all the clients and partner firms that have trusted us this past year.  

Thank you,

Scott Bourne, PE