Where appropriate based on site conditions, CDIM engineers develop remediation solutions in accordance with regulatory agency directives, or as part of site development.  We prepare engineering studies and remediation planning documentation, and then, on behalf of or alongside our clients, we construct remediation solutions.  We have experience implementing remediation projects at sites with significant access constraints i.e., under buildings, in the public right of way, in aqueous environments or adjacent to sensitive land uses.

CDIM provides the following remediation services: 

  • Remediation planning including treatability and pilot studies, work plans, CAP, feasibility studies RAW/RAP and RDR
  • Soil remediation design and implementation for excavation, capping, stabilization and soil vapor extraction systems for VOCs, metals and other non-volatile organics
  • Shoreline and open water soil and sediment remediation including subaqueous capping, dredging, and revetment treatments using permeably reactive barriers and conventional stabilization techniques
  • Groundwater remediation including in situ injections to facilitate biological or chemical degradation of contaminants and ex situ ground water extraction and treatment including granular activated carbon, air stripping, ion exchange, and advanced oxidation
  • Development of construction plans, specification and contract documents for a wide array of remediation projects
  • Performing remediation oversight either by hiring a contractor to perform the work or by acting as owners representative and overseeing and documenting the work.  
  • Remediation effectiveness evaluation including visual assessment, confirmation sampling, and long term monitoring and assessment.
  • Risk and soil management plans for short or long term site operation