We respect our clients' business or organizational interests and use our technical abilities to help them to comply with environmental regulations in the most efficient manner. We listen to our clients to understand their operations, objectives, and how they fit into existing and future regulatory framework. We use this understanding to develop strategies and solutions that benefit our clients in the short and long term.

We are nothing if our work does not exceed standards for competency. On technical and regulatory matters, we gather background information, understand client objectives, research past outcomes, consult technical experts, and thoroughly review our own work. Then we present a solution that is right and correct.

We provide the highest quality consulting to our clients. Our work products reflect our company and define us to our clients, competitors and stakeholders. For that reason, they must be unsurpassed in their technical accuracy, quality of appearance, and elegance. 

We passionately advocate our clients' interests while maintaining our integrity. We view ourselves as an extension of our clients and understand that their success is our success.

Resources are precious. We therefore manage our resources to yield the maximum value. By careful attention to cost and resource allocation, we increase our ability to improve our company capabilities and reward our employees for their efforts.

Human Capital
Our employees are the mind, body and soul of CDIM. We work collectively to strengthen our social and technical skills in order to become a growth force. We reward employee efforts though a flexible work environment, training and education, professional growth opportunities and profit sharing. We implement company programs to encourage mindfulness and wellness.

We thrive through relationships, which we maintain with respect, courtesy and professionalism.   We will earn a reputation in the market as a firm that meets its obligations. We do what we say we will do. Always.

Our work is judged by the short term value we provide clients, and by its long term effect on the environment. For this reason, we hold ourselves to a higher standard for sustainability and set an example for our community to follow. We will look back at all our work with simple assurance we have made a net positive impact.