CDIM engineers understand challenges faced in property development. We apply our engineering and environmental expertise to help our clients plan developable projects. We are experts at identifying critical environmental conditions during the due diligences process that present significant environmental risk. We then work with our clients to identify projects with lower risk or help them manage risk they choose to accept. 

CDIM’s success derives from its clients' success. We work within a client's team to develop cost effective ways to manage environmental impacts from projects and then advocate for the project through permitting and construction. 

CDIM’s key services for development clients include due diligence in advance of property acquisition, environmental planning and permitting, soil and groundwater contaminant management, and environmental project management through the development process. Our Principals experience with environmental cost liability estimation enable our clients to accurately forecast costs and make informed and reasoned decisions during property acquisition.  We have completed numerous Phase 1 and 2 assessments and are able to sort real conditions from perceived liabilities. With our environmental engineering capabilities, we then design remediation solutions to address cleanup requirements, either in advance of development or as part of project construction.  We then work with our clients to identify environmental permitting issues and manage the process to obtain use permits and CEQA clearance.  CDIM engineers are also experienced in providing needs assessments to architects and planners and then perform will civil design for site development. 

Our Principals have abundant experience working for owners, developers and lawyers or as subconsultants to architects and civil engineers. We value our role within the development team.