CDIM brings expertise gained from over 15 years of environmental engineering experience at industrial facilities. We understand the economic decisions faced by our clients, and our team has a long record of accomplishment of working with clients to develop efficient regulatory and engineering solutions.

Our clients want to understand the environmental risks that affect their business, manage the risks, and do so in a predictable and cost effective manner. CDIM delivers this result to its industrial clients.  

Our engineers have vast experience designing and constructing water treatment systems for industrial wastewater and storm water. We apply our engineering, chemistry and water quality knowledge to design treatment systems that meet discharge criteria. We then work with our established network of vendors, suppliers and contractors to build reliable systems.  Our regulatory professionals maintain up-to-the-minute knowledge of regulations that will affect our clients. We develop environmental management systems that make use of client institutional knowledge and procedures in order to integrate environmental programs into business operations seamlessly, while making procedural improvements where necessary. We are sensitive to the public relations and environmental risk faced by our industrial clients. We base our solutions on sound science and support our clients in presenting these positions to regulatory agencies and their community. We develop clean and efficient plans and reports that are readily approved by CUPA, AQMD, RWQCB, DTSC, USEPA and other local, state and federal agencies that have jurisdiction over environmental aspects of our clients businesses. Our staff’s relationships with regulatory agencies enable us to obtain regulatory permits quickly. Our high quality environmental management provides our clients with credibility when they interact with stakeholders and the community.