CDIM has deep experience cost effectively applying environmental regulations to construction, development, industrial and municipal projects. We specialize in providing this service for clients operating in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We have a detailed understanding of the application of federal, state and local laws, regulations and ordinances and are able to reduce risks faced by businesses or organizations from regulatory compliance, environmental discharge, litigation or public perception.

CDIM provides the following regulatory compliance services: 

  • Compliance plans and reports for federal, state, and local laws, rule ordinances and regulations, including CAA, CEQA, CERCLA, CWA, EPCRA, OPA, NEPA, RCRA, SARA and various state equivalents
  • Hazardous waste permitting including generator compliance, California’s tiered permit program, and full RCRA Part B TSDF support
  • Facility hazardous materials support for CUPA compliance including spill prevention, hazardous materials storage, hazardous waste handling, and CERS data management
  • Air and wastewater discharge compliance including permitting, sampling and required reporting
  • Compliance with industrial wastewater pretreatment standards for categorical industrial users
  • Due diligence including facility compliance assessment, compliance auditing, EHS management system development and implementation, and compliance database maintenance
  • Emergency response programs and plans for compliance with local emergency planning requirements, community protection or to facilitate business continuity
  • SPCC, FRP and C-Plans for oil pollution prevention to comply with APSA, EPA SPCC or CDFW OSPR Marine or Inland facility requirements
  • CalARP Risk Management Plans for extremely/acutely hazardous substances for Program 1 to 3 facilities, including OSHA PSM requirements
  • Compliance with hazardous materials recycling rule applicable to scrap processing including DTSC’s CAR MRSH requirements for universal waste
  • Compliance with San Francisco ordinances for hazardous substance mitigation (SF Health Code Article 22A), dust control and monitoring (SF Health Code Article 22B), and site runoff control (SF Public Works Code Section 146)