CDIM provides environmental planning and permitting services to support its construction, development, industrial and municipal clients.  Our principals have extensive experience preparing technical studies to support permit applicants, or supporting local cities and planning departments that prepare CEQA documents.  CDIM engineers and scientists work with our legal partners and specialty subcontractors to maintain state of the practice knowledge of recent CEQA procedures and interpretation, as well as the most progressive methods for assessing environmental impacts.  

CDIM specializes in providing environmental planning services to our clients operating in marine environments.  We obtain permits from the USACE, SFBCDC, SFRQCB and State Lands Commission for expansion of port facilities, shoreline stabilization, and San Francisco Bay restoration or remediation projects.  

CDIM provides the following environmental planning and permitting services:

  • Preparing project description for entitlement and regulatory permit applications
  • Performing zoning, plan and land use assessments and obtaining conditional use permits to support site development
  • Assisting to prepare CEQA initial studies mitigated negative declarations, environmental impact reports, and mitigation monitoring and reporting plans and reports
  • Preparing CEQA technical studies for hazardous materials, soils and geology, water quality, and air quality
  • Obtaining RHA Section 10 and CWA Section 404 Clean Water Act nationwide and individual permits, including PCN submittals / notifications for shoreline projects
  • Preparing JARPA applications to obtain CWA Section 401 Certifications from SFRWQCB and minor/major permits from SFBCDC for projects affecting SF Bay or other waters of the State
  • Preparing wetland delineations and habitat and endangered species assessments using specialty subcontractors